Federation of Canadian Artists

Been a busy time, and I get to the studio in Alton Mill as much as possible. When it actually isn't possible, I cram in some painting time in my home studio, sometimes painting till very late at night.

I will be in the Colour and Form Society show next month on Pottery Road and will tell you more of that  another time, but the latest bit of news is that my painting "The Wetlands" was selected by jury for the Federation of Canadian Artists International show. The Federation has been around since 1941, and exhibits in various galleries, but this particular show is June 1st to August 31st on line. They sell a lot of work from this show, and use their commission to make bursaries for deserving up and coming artists. :)

Just completed a large painting titled "Mackerel Sky", in reference to to the cloud formations that appear as "ribbing". They form in such a manner when there is unsettled weather, and the maritimers have a saying that goes with it.

Mackerel Sky, Mackerel Sky,Sometimes wet and sometimes dry.


This particular scene is from Beach Meadows (near Liverpool) Nova Scotia. In the background you can see a pair of Loons that frequent the area. The painting is being taken by a private collector, but giclee prints will be available soon.

The painting from Vancouver Island is now my primary piece for working on, and will be nearing completion soon, then offered for sale.

Hope you come visit me in the studio. :)




Welcome to my website

As a self taught artist, I have been painting since the age of eight, and prefer traditional oil on canvas. On the odd occasion, I also do GPS , and egg tempura, and I'm a realist artist.

Alton Mill Arts Centre

Though I've exhibited and sold artwork through many galleries over the years, right now you will find me in Studio 202 in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, 1402 Queen Street West, in Alton , Ontario. The whole atmosphere is wonderful, from the country drive from my home to Alton , to painting with the sound of the creek that runs beside the Mill, as background music. 

I still show in different galleries, but also enjoy exhibiting with the Southern Ontario Visual Artists www.southernontariovisualartists.com, and the Colour and Form Society.

Artwork has been sold across Canada, and the United States, as well as Switzerland, to both corporate, and private collectors.

If you have any questions about any of the artwork , please email me at lynden@lyndencowan.com

See you in the Studio,

Lynden :)