New Year of Painting

It’s been such a long time since I found time to work on the website…been doing house renovations, spending lots of time in my studio in Alton Mill, been busy with shows AND proudly became a first time gramma   Now life is a bit more back on track and I will try and update regularly.

I have different work that is progressing well and will show at a later date. I’m also working on the new website , which I hope everyone will enjoy.\

Recently I was involved in a show at the Etobicoke Civic Centre which ran from Nov 26th to January 11th, and was well received, with fellow SOVA artists .

Upcoming shows already booked are the Holcim Gallery in Milton in April, the Sisnette in the Halton Hills Cultural Centre June 12 to August 21, and the Art Square Gallery across from the Ontario Art Gallery in Toronto during Nuit Blanche.



This is my newest painting “Fiddleheads” done from a subject hunting trip in Nova Scotia. Hope you like it. 

Pop by and visit me in studio 202 at the Alton Mill Arts Centre. Look forward to seeing you there.