Been a Great Summer

In the last two weeks of August I flew off to Ireland, which was my first time there, accompanied by my husband and daughter. The scenery was lovely, and the places to explore were wonderful. We even found the remnants of the homesteads for both sides of the families, from where our great,great,great,great great grandparents had lived long ago, and we took lots of photos. The old stone fences from way back then are still in the same boundary positions as they were never changed.


But now summer has come to a close, and even though it has been busy and wonderful, it is time to be back at the easel in earnest. There are exhibitions and competitions coming up.

20180909_140234_HDR (1).jpg

One upcoming exhibition that I was really happy and honoured to be invited to participate in , is the VIBE, CANADA show in LONDON, ENGLAND. This is the first time I have shown in a gallery in England, and I hope there will more opportunities.


Just completed one painting titled Miners Bay, and the scene is located about 10 km from Minden, Ontario. It is 24 by 36 inches, oil on canvas, and if you look very closely you will notice that most of it has been painted with a triple zero brush (my favourite).

COWAN_Lynden_2018_Miners Bay.jpg

Hope you like it.

I am getting very close to two other canvases being finished and will show them when done.

Bye for now,

Back to the easel !