Now it's September

Happy to say that my painting Ucluelet was selected for the Society of Canadian Artists Elected Members Juried Exhibition in the Viva Vida Gallery in Pointe Claire, Quebec. The exhibition will run from October 18th to November 3rd. I had exhibited in Montreal years ago with Dimension Plus, so i’m pleased that my work is once more heading back there.


As well, four of my paintings were shared by Arabella Magazine-Canadian Art, Architecture and Design to their page, a magazine I have always had high regard for.

I finished my little fox and titled it Naptime, and I hope people like it.

naptime large.jpg

This September I am in a SOVA show in Niagara Falls in the Steve Wilson’s Studios and The Gallery, and I am busy preparing for future shows.

the gallery banner FB2 working (1).jpg

In August my art was published in Aesthetica, the International Art and Culture Magazine. Here is a link to it, and I am on page 157 in the artists section.…/…/aesthetica_issue_90_issuu…

This is my student who likes using canvas board and stretch canvas now. Love encouraging her.

This is my student who likes using canvas board and stretch canvas now. Love encouraging her.

You can also view my work in my studio in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, or on instagram, and I am also represented by the Xanadu Gallery in Arizona, and the Xanadu Gallery Pinetop, as well with the Circle Foundation in Lyon, France.

Excited to say that my artwork will be represented at Art Expo San Diego in October of this year.

Back to the Easel


Been very busy, trying to keep up the needed hours for painting, but happy that the art pieces are progressing. Right now, there is a smaller piece of a napping fox inching closer to completion, and a larger painting that is in early stages of a beautiful location in the woods of Newfoundland.

64897520_10157427350143914_7758739977910878208_n (2).jpg


Rocky Point,P.E.I. is a 30 by 30 inch oil painting on canvas that I entered in the Artavita competition. First prize was your artwork on the front cover, second prize, your artwork on the back cover, and third prize was a four page presentation in the International Contemporary Masters Volume 13, of the World Wide Art Book publication. They had 4,185 artworks submitted from 1,427 international artists and had the three prize winners selected from 200 Finalists. I was one of the Finalists.

Artavita_Contest32_FinalistCertification - Lynden Cowan.jpeg


My art has been published in Issue 14 ( I am on page nine) of Spotlight Magazine. The international magazine is published out of France, and is a total of 104 pages and includes a unique selection of artists from around the world working in variety of media and curated together to tell the story of what art look likes today. The magazine is fully available online and is on the Circle Foundation website here.

click on the link.

The e-magazine is also available to read in a full screen reader on Issuu (the internet's most popular publishing platform) here:




Delighted that my painting Fiddleheads has found a wonderful new home. The client sent me a photo of where it is hung and I think it looks great there.🎨🎨🎨🎨

Lynden Cowan Fiddleheads 2017.jpg

Time to get back to the easel. Remember I am on Instagram at @lyndencowan , as well as Linkedin and Facebook as Lynden Cowan Visual Artist. As well as my website, you will also find me on the Southern Ontario Visual Artists website ( SOVA)

Hope to see in the studio at Alton Mill .


Xanadu Gallery

Pleased to announce that I am also now represented by Xanadu Gallery, 7039 E. Main St., #101, Scottsdale , Arizona. You will find my work in their catalogue and shortly on their website. To view their artists please visit :)


Spotlight 12

Very Happy to announce that I was selected for Issue 12 of Spotlight Contemporary Art Magazine which is an international magazine published out of France. This is the section that features the artists, and I am on page 24.

The official online page of the magazine

The magazine online is live on our website right here:

The magazine is also live on Issuu (the internet’s largest publication platform!)


Enjoy :)

Rocky Point, P.E.I.

This is my newest painting titled Rocky Point , P.E.I. If you travel down about two minutes you would be at the Rocky Point Wharf (which I will be painting too) that is caved in now and inhabited by large numbers of cormorants. The islanders had stopped using that wharf when the one was built across the bay at Charlottetown. The trees are Linden trees , not spelled the same way as my name, and I only discovered what they were a few weeks after I started the painting. You can see how my painting is maturing and I hope you enjoy the new work. I am on Facebook, Linkedin and instagram as Lynden Cowan Visual Artist. Feel free to share.

Rocky Point, P.E.I . medium.jpg

Starting off the New Year

It has always been a challenge to get juried in to the Visual Art’s Mississauga exhibition, so I am really happy to be selected as one of the 41 artists chosen for this important art exhibition. Maybe I will see you there. :)

vam lynden new promo.jpg

Caledon Citizen Article,

Article in the Orangeville Citizen Dec 21/2018. 
A minor point, Joanne has her own studio, the third studio mate is actually Charlene Nickels. But nice write up. :)

By Constance Scrafield

From left to right, Margaret Pardy, Lynden Cowan, Robert Chisholm and Joanne Lomas.

From left to right, Margaret Pardy, Lynden Cowan, Robert Chisholm and Joanne Lomas.

What is wonderful about the Alton Mill Arts Centre in Alton is being able to meet the artists whose work is on display either in the Centre or/and in their own studios. A person can meet them, talk to them about their work and, in many cases, attend their workshops.

Sunday afternoon seemed a good time to get to know at least a few of the artists who have their studios located upstairs at the Mill. So, we popped into the office to say hello to Pearl Schachter, manager of marketing, and went with her upstairs to meet Karen Brown, the most recently installed of the artists, and the new co-owner of The Hive, the Encaustic studio.

“Encaustic is an ancient beeswax based paint which is applied and heated to create rich layers of unique depth and luminosity,” says the studio’s hand out card.

Encaustic artist Karen Brown was happy to elaborate about the art form and why she and Kim Kool, another encaustic artist, have taken over the studio.

“Andrea and Dan were here for eight or nine years,” she began. “When they said they were closing the encaustic studio [for personal reasons], the community panicked. I had been doing mobile workshops and liked the idea of being settled in a studio and Kim had been mobile too. So, I called her and asked her, ‘What you think about taking it over ?’ I couldn’t handle it on my own and she didn’t say no right away.”

They opened the studio, now under their auspices, on October 1 with a good take on workshops: “We want to keep the essence of the Hive, although Andrea and Dan did more technique. Kim and I are offering workshops for beginners where they get to go home with a piece in wax. We do photos in encaustic which is really popular.”

Here is how that works: “You send me a photo over email and I print it on hand-made paper. Then, in the workshop, you put your photo into an encaustic painting. There are some beautiful and unique results.”

As well, she said, “We do advanced classes; we let people come and use our stuff and charge for it by the hour. They like it because it’s hard to have all this in your home. Encaustic means using heat with the beeswax.”

Naturally, they have their our own original paintings for sale too.

“People love the encaustic,” said Ms. Brown. “We’re going to be fine here.”

Relatively new to the Alton Mill is Sherry Park, portrait artist in oils, primarily, while she also does watercolour paintings of nature and flowers.

“I’ve been here since March,” she informed us. “I went to OCAD University (formerly Ontario College of Art and Design) to study painting and visual arts for four years. I painted in Florence (Italy) for a year as part of the course. I still go to a portrait sessions at a studio in Brampton. You can go and just sit in on the sessions to paint the models.”

As we looked at her quite interesting approach to faces, she went on, “I started painting when I was five years old. After OCAD, I did pharmaceutical technology and I have been doing that for 15 years. I’m still doing that work. It gives me good balance. At work, there’s lots of interaction with people. Then, painting is creative and you work alone. It’s very engaging.”

In a studio big enough for three artists, Lynden Cowan, Robert Chisholm and Joanne Lomas display their work and create more. It is, at once, a busy and a calm place to visit.

Ms. Cowan has a list of commendations and awards that have seen her work displayed in London, England with the Viva Canada and, in association with the Circle Foundation, to Lyons in France, which pleased her very much.

She and eight other artists have formed their own group, Southern Ontario Visual Artists (SOVA), doing four shows a year only. Beside those, they each participate in other shows throughout the year. Three of them travelled together to the Maritimes to enjoy the inspiration other scenes could offer.

Ms. Cowan’s style loves the detail of nature, which she reflects in imposing paintings, with boldness and rich colours, not straying particularly from nature’s own choices. Her paintings offer a challenge to the viewer to see into her detail and, perhaps, wish to be there.

Mr. Chisholm’s, SOVA, works are primarily long landscapes, tending to big paintings and he was working on one while we were there. It was, as he told us, by the rail junction at the Tim Hortons on the west end of Orangeville.

Across the hall is Margaret Sarah Pardy, another Alton Mill member of SOVA, who discovered a few years ago the art of black painting, as it were. In her case, she buys hard boards, painted stark white and, then, covered in black, perfect for scratching out art. Fabulous.

She has a tool with five little needles or pins bonded together and installed in a small holder, which she uses, holding it this way and that, to make different strokes and angles. Some of her pictures are straight white on black; some, she involves colour into the white, once she has etched out the details of the figures.

Wildlife dominates Ms. Pardy’s work and she travels the country to observe them, especially in animal sanctuaries, and continues to engage in workshops with eminent Canadian wildlife artists.

One of her paintings is going to be installed in the Ontario parliament buildings at Queen’s Park next year. She is quite excited about that. This year, she was also accepted into the Ontario Society of Artists.

Our next studio-of-call was the office/studio of Margi Taylor-Self, the longest-term artist’s studio at the Alton Mill, at 15 years. Ms. Taylor-Self loves the Alton Mill.

Says she, “We were here before the Arts Centre was official. It’s just everything: so much inspiration. Some mix of quiet time to work and then there’s interaction with the public and other artists.”

Ms. Taylor-Self handles the leasing side of the Mill’s affairs and is looking for the right person to lease a corner studio; could be someone who does visual art that is not painting.

The main floor of the Alton Mill is given over to artisans and galleries. For longevity at the Mill, after Margi Taylor-Self, Anne Marie Warburton with her Gallery Gemma has been there the longest. Ms. Warburton’s space is a glamorous jewellery gallery, offering her work and that of selected jewellery designers from around the world. Ms. Warburton decided mid-career to re-invent herself. She abandoned her sales work and went back to school to study making jewellery at a very high end with precious metals and fine gems; she went back to school to also study jewellery as a business.

For this Christmas season, Gallery Gemma is open Monday, Christmas Eve, using the smaller entrance into the Alton Mill, as the rest of the Mill will be closed that day.

The new Rare Threads gallery, as it were, a beautiful space running adjacent to Gallery Gemma, will also be open Christmas Eve.

Over this coming weekend, as every weekend, Alton Mill, Headwaters Gallery, Noodle Gallery, the artists’ studios upstairs and Mark Grice downstairs are all open from today, Thursday, through to Sunday.

Anne Marie Warburton commented on her extra opening hours, “When men want to shop, they don’t look up our website, they just drive here and show up. What would be a better Christmas present than something hand-made?”

For a full list of artists, artisans and galleries, check the

Wrap up for 2018

Been a whirlwind of days.

Picked up my artwork from The Colour and Form juried show when it finished at the Etobicoke Civic Centre, and packed artwork in the studio that was delivered for the Southern Ontario Visual Artists exhibition at the Artusiasm Gallery on St. Clair in Toronto.


Seven of the nine SOVA artists were exhibiting in this gallery, and it was the last of our four SOVA shows for 2018. Several are booked for 2019, so I need to keep the painting hours up.


As well as being one of the SOVA artists in the Artusiasm Gallery exhibition,I am happy to announce that my painting "Gully" has been selected for the VAM's 41st Annual Juried Exhibition, which will be at the Art Gallery of Mississauga .
This exhibition begins in January,and continues to March 16, with the opening reception Thursday, January 10,2019 from 6 to 8 pm. They had 230 entries and selected 41.


I am also Happy to say that my painting Mackerel Sky won a Special Recognition Award in the Light,Space and Time 8th Annual Seascapes Competition 2018 . There were 561 entries from 22 Countries.

CowanL5 (1)_opt.jpg

I am also Happy to say that my painting Mackerel Sky won a Special Recognition Award in the Light,Space and Time 8th Annual Seascapes Competition 2018 . There were 561 entries from 22 Countries.

This time of year is also very busy in the studio in Alton Mill.

Back to the easel.

Artistically yours,


Fall is Here

Been very busy working away in my studio. First off, pleased to say that my painting “UCLUELET” was selected for the Colour and Form Society 66th Open Juried Exhibition.

Ucluelet by Lynden Cowan Oil 24x30, 2016.jpg

This exhibition will take place from November 1st to November 29th, at the Etobicoke Civic Centre, 399 The West Mall, with an opening reception on Sunday November 4th from 2 pm to 4 pm.


The Circle Foundation from Lyon, France has published a video of some of their Contemporary Artists, and I am at about the 3 minute, 40 second mark. Here’s a Link :D

As well I am in their Artists to Watch section, and their newest Spotlight Magazine is off to the publisher right now, and I have been included.This is an International magazine that tell the story of what art looks like today, printed in Europe. Available to read online for free.

I have just completed two paintings . First one is “The Sunbathers”, 8 by 10 inches, oil on canvas. Here you see close friends basking in the afternoon sunlight in their pond.

the sunbathers medium.jpg

The second completed painting is “Meshed”, which is a scene from the old woods on the family homestead in Ecum Secum, Nova Scotia.The trees have withstood the harsh elements at Davidson Point and seem to have meshed together with their branches for support. The painting is a 16 by 20 inch oil painting.

Both paintings are SOLD.

meshed medium.jpg

Currently I have three paintings “On the Easel “ that I am working on. They are in different stages, and of course, not all on the easel at once, just shown here so you have an idea of what the next ones will be. There are several more planned out, but I like to just concentrate on three main canvases at one time. When one gets completed, another begins its journey.

20181019_114957 (3).jpg new pieces.jpg

Back to the easel.


Been a Great Summer

In the last two weeks of August I flew off to Ireland, which was my first time there, accompanied by my husband and daughter. The scenery was lovely, and the places to explore were wonderful. We even found the remnants of the homesteads for both sides of the families, from where our great,great,great,great great grandparents had lived long ago, and we took lots of photos. The old stone fences from way back then are still in the same boundary positions as they were never changed.


But now summer has come to a close, and even though it has been busy and wonderful, it is time to be back at the easel in earnest. There are exhibitions and competitions coming up.

20180909_140234_HDR (1).jpg

One upcoming exhibition that I was really happy and honoured to be invited to participate in , is the VIBE, CANADA show in LONDON, ENGLAND. This is the first time I have shown in a gallery in England, and I hope there will more opportunities.


Just completed one painting titled Miners Bay, and the scene is located about 10 km from Minden, Ontario. It is 24 by 36 inches, oil on canvas, and if you look very closely you will notice that most of it has been painted with a triple zero brush (my favourite).

COWAN_Lynden_2018_Miners Bay.jpg

Hope you like it.

I am getting very close to two other canvases being finished and will show them when done.

Bye for now,

Back to the easel !


Summer Flying By

I cannot believe how quickly summer is marching through the calendar, but I think I have filled every space that I can of each day.

June 21st. The group I exhibit with began an exhibition in Yorkville (Toronto) at the Hittite Gallery.This is the Southern Ontario Visual Artists third exhibition for the year, and we have one more for the SOVA group coming up in November.

July 15/2018 The Light/Space & Time gallery published the following..

Lynden Cowan – Artist Showcase Feature

Lynden Cowan is an Ontario, Canada based artist. Lynden creates representative landscape paintings. Lynden was selected as 1 of the top twelve finalists of the gallery’s recent Solo Art Exhibition Series #9. The placement in this competition qualified her art to be showcased in this feature.

Lynden’s Artist Showcase feature will be promoted to over 350+ major news outlets, with inclusion on Google News & Bing News. In addition, the gallery will also be featuring and promoting her landscape paintings in the gallery’s various social media networks for further exposure.

Below are Lynden’s Artist Biography, Artist Statement and 5 images that were submitted to this competition.

Artist Biography:

When I was eight, I created my own paints from berries, vegetables and other available compounds, and would use leftover pieces of wood that my father had as my canvas. A teacher gave me art supplies a couple of years later, and I was thrilled to have actual paints.

I am a self-taught artist, and my main medium is oil on canvas. As a fourteen year old, I started teaching, and at one point had over 80 students from age seven to seventy five, and this provided the funds for better quality art materials.

Over the years, I have spent a lot of time in the woods, and bogs as they fascinate me for the strong colours and beautiful subjects they provide. When I paint, I use for the most part, triple zero brushes, as they lend themselves to fine details.

Artist Statement:

Having spent my childhood summers in rural Nova Scotia, I was drawn into the wild landscape and adapted accessible materials from berries to crushed shells to translate the scenes surrounding me.

Throughout the years, my fascination and interest in nature has grown and I strive to envelope the viewer with the feeling of inclusion in the mood and transformation of visual presentation, to finished artwork. Her website is

They featured five works... Gully, Ucluelet, The Wetlands, Fiddleheads and Twisted Tree.


July 23/18  I headed to Todmorden to the PaperMill Gallery to deliver Fiddleheads that had been selected for the juried competition.

20180806_164607 (1).jpg

July 27th, 2018

On July 27th I was  notified that I was selected as a finalist in the Artavita on line International gallery competition from " over 250 high quality artist entries". They selected Ucluelet, Fiddleheads and Gully, three artworks for their exhibition of  50 artworks in the final selection.. 😊

July 24th/2018 to July 31st 

Flew to Prince Edward Island with my Alton Mill Arts Centre studio mate, Robert Chisholm to join our other studio mate, Charlene Nickels who was already down there. We spent the week subject hunting, painting, and feeding the horse flies.  Charlene has a cottage in PEI so knows the island well. Of course we had seafood every day (lobster daily, including for breakfast on our final day). Up everyday working about 5:30 am , or a couple of times slept in until 6 am, and we fell into bed exhausted by 9pm. 

Between the very hot temperatures and the horse flies, we really earned the material we collected for future canvases, and I am excited to start painting them.

July 31st, 2018

Flew home from PEI on July 31st and received this notification......

From Fusion Art "Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that one or more of your entries have been chosen for inclusion in the 3rd Annual Artist's Choice (August 2018) International  Online Juried Art Exhibition. "
I had entered Gully, Ucluelet, Fiddleheads,Rattlingbrook Falls and Twisted Tree, and they selected Rattlingbrook Falls, Ucluelet and Twisted Tree, which I was happy with to have three of my artworks selected for the 140  displayed by Fusion.

Best in Show and 2nd to 5th runner up will be included in an exhibition in Palm Springs, Florida in February 2019.

August 1st, 2018

Just finished a 24 by 36 inch oil painting, titled Miners Bay.. This setting is about 30 yards into the brush in the area known as Miners Bay , 10 km south of Minden , Ontario. 

Hope you like it. :)

miners bay medium.jpg

Time to get back to the easel. If you find a moment to visit the Alton Mill Arts Centre , I hope you drop by to say hello. 

Artistically yours, 


Starting off June

Pleased to say that today , June 1st, I was notified that my painting "Gully", has again been selected for a different competition. This time it was juried into the Light/Space /Time 8th Annual "Landscapes " competition, and won a "Special Merit Award".


In the notification it stated....

The exhibition has been divided into two media categories. Painting & Other Media and Photography & Digital. In addition, there is an overall Winning Artists Category, which is the “best of the best” and consists of the ten (10) best entries comprised from the media categories.

The gallery also included Special Merit awards and Special Recognition awards for outstanding art. Many of the artists in either of these groups could have easily been included in the upper tier of our winners, as their art was also exceptional.

Special Merit Award Category – "These are the artists and their artwork which we felt could easily have been placed higher but due to the size constraints in each media category, this art was placed in this special category. Any of the Special Merit art, in many cases, is interchangeable with the best art that we selected for the top tiers."

The gallery received 577 entries from 26 different countries from around the world, as well as from 29 different states.

Each competition that "Gully " has been entered in, have different high profile judges, so it really feels like an honour to be fortunate in being selected, in International Competitions.

Need to finish other pieces so I can be ready for more competitions. :)

Back to the easel....... :)


Staying Busy

Received notification and Congratulations that my painting titled “GULLY", was accepted for the Ontario Society of Artists 145th Annual Open Juried Exhibition. Out of 462 images, the jurors selected only 38 works in various media, including painting, photography and mixed media and 9 sculptures.

Exhibition Dates and Location
April 10 – May 4, 2018
John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto
900 Bay Street (at Wellesley), Macdonald Block
Toronto, ON M7A 1C2

opening reception April 12 from 6 to 8pm.

This is quite an Honour and I am very happy to be fortunate in being selected.

Gully by Lynden Cowan 2017 (1).jpg

Saturday March 24th and Sunday March 25th I will be participating in the Huttonville Craft and Antique Show , and taking limited edition giclee prints. 

This show is actually at the David Suzuki Secondary School , 45 Daviselm Drive, in Brampton and runs from 10 am to 4:30 pm both days. 

The giclee prints will be returning to the studio in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, the following week.

Back to the easel,

Lynden :)


The SOVA exhibition is at the Etobicoke Civic Centre now until March 22nd..

From left to right, SOVA artists , Margaret Pardy, Steve Wilson, Charlene Nickels, Helen Duplassie, Robert Chisholm, and myself, Lynden Cowan.

From left to right, SOVA artists , Margaret Pardy, Steve Wilson, Charlene Nickels, Helen Duplassie, Robert Chisholm, and myself, Lynden Cowan.

Had a tv interview today at the Etobicoke Civic Centre by Fairchild Television about my art and about the Southern Ontario Visual Artists group for their "What's On" section. Apparently this segment will will be aired in March. 


I am sharing a photo of a painting called Early's Farmhouse from 30 years ago. The original is owned by a collector in Victoria, British Columbia, and I came across the photo today when going through things in the studio. The house itself has long since disappeared, but it's nice to remember the Early family who used to own a Livestock Feed business (also long disappeared). Though the photo is in black and white, but the painting is not, you can see how I do detailed brick work now, starting to develop.


Back to the easel .

Lynden :)

End of the Year

Cannot believe that the year has slipped to the end.  So this week I was saddened to hear that Johnny Bower passed away on Boxing Day. I always thought of him as a very personable, sweet man. In 2005, I was selected to create a painting for Peel Regional Police to be presented to Johnny as he was their Honorary Police Chief. They had certain key elements they wanted in the painting, and the family sent private photos so they could surprise him at a banquet. I painted the background as a feeling of ice to tie all the elements together. Johnny, you will be missed.

IMGP1548 (4).JPG

September was quite busy. I joined with three other SOVA artists for a wonderful exhibition at the Art Square Gallery in Toronto with an opening reception during Nuit Blanche (the large Toronto Art Festival).


 Had several successes this year. My painting "Gully" was completed, and was selected for the Colour and Form Society 65th Open Juried Exhibition.

Gully by Lynden Cowan 2017.jpg
invite (1).jpg

It was wonderful that my second painting Twisted Tree was also selected for this exhibition. The Colour and Form Society even selected it for their invitation and program, as seen in the top left image.

Twisted Tree by Lynden Cowan, Oil 14x18, 2016 (1).jpg

As well, Fiddle Heads was selected for the ADC 2017 International Juried show, so it went to Cincinnatti, and I was also pleased that my painting Ucluelet, was selected for the Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts juried show.


I am looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings. With the SOVA group we have several exhibitions planned for this year, starting with Etobicoke Civic Centre at the end of the month, and the Carrier Gallery in the Columbus Centre in the spring, as well as the Hittite Gallery in Yorkville.

sova ecc e-invite small.jpg

Come and visit me in my studio in the Alton Mill Arts Centre, or drop me an email. I plan to keep building this site, but the old one was so out of date I needed to change over, even though there are more things to do.

Artistically ,